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ughh... [Wednesday
December 21st, 2005 at 12:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

wow i hate how ppl said "Dont even dare bring DRAMA to the auxillaries..." haha yeah thats all the auxillaries is, is DRAMA and its not cuz of the freshman its like sophmore issues it seems like it? but w/e we got yelled at for nuthin? so yeah lata!


Even though i didnt know them...

 R.I.P Nipps n Lil Eric <33

  You will never be forgotten....

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Wow... [Friday
November 11th, 2005 at 7:45am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I havnt updated in a while but yeah im gonna start doing this thing again now that i have time...but yeah i dont know why someone would call me a dropping queen when ive only dropped once and shes dropped more than me by a lot...?? oh well she can talk all she wants,hmmm this weekened is gonna be fun ! Heathers comming over for the entire weekend! YAY!!!
  ok well ill update more later <3

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blehh...duh i wrote this n dont copy it! [Thursday
September 29th, 2005 at 7:46pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Little boys with their toys,video games and when mom was the girl you were going to marry,and daddy was your hero!
Little girls with their barbies,dress up parties and worried that boys have cooties, and u still love mommy and daddy with all your heart<3

however things change when you get older...when your young all you wanna do is grow up be a teenager...then an adult... well its not all that simple heres how it ends up:

Guys think that if u tell your girlfriend you love her ull get in her pants! always breakin girls hearts and not havin a care wut so ever. they dont usually know much about the girl they "think" they like and always expect you to call them n that they never have to call u. their friends always come first "Bros Before Hoes" wtf is with that? yeah u sure love her!

Girls get all pretty just to impress the guys and half the time it doesnt work! they try hard just to get the guy that is incredibly hot! but he better have a good personality to go with that! and they def would ditch their friends to hang out with their b/f!

so why does it all have to change when you get older? cant u jsut say i love you and mean it and actually know your b/f or g/f? yeah well ive been goin out with Blaine for almost 7 months n he doesnt know me at all! he doenst know my life let alone my birthday, well ya know wut i dont know him either! so im not sure this relationship is gonna work <33

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girls... [Saturday
September 10th, 2005 at 8:37am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

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Long story short... [Wednesday
August 17th, 2005 at 3:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Dayum i havnt done this in sooo long...well um my summer wus pretty good n school is goin good. um sunday me,Sami,Samantha,Kyndall n Samis parents went to Islands of Adventure it wus sooo much fun,but i wus sick ive been sick for like a week now...i had a sore throat n a fever but i finally got over it 2day! the really funny part wus that yesterday i couldnt talk unless i drank sumthin lol it wus soo much fun! so like i didnt drink n e thing all day so i could sound like FRANKIE <3 (Carly lol)well um my classes this year are:
1st Block-World History Honors [Mrs.Bowman]
2nd Block-Geometry Honors [Dr.Ward]
3rd Block-Beg.Aerobics [Coach Miller]
4th Block-Band [Majorettes]

but um yeah me n Blaine have been goin out for 5 months since Monday n he remembered <3 so yeah were doing fine now !!!! well um i guess ill start written in this thing more often now LATA!


Xx run xX

wow... [Saturday
July 30th, 2005 at 9:09am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Whats wrong with this world...Mike n Katie get in a dumb fight after wut 10 days? n they break up how weird? ppl being sent to places for sumthing they didnt even do and having their loved ones feel sad and lonley,and really just wanting them in their arms and home safely. Two people who really belong together, who were together for 7 months and they break up for a stupid reason! And after 4 months Blaine n I [[ well just em i guess]] have to start thinking on weather or not we can still make it work...dumb teenagers thinking they have to to change or die to fit in...[[dieing wouldnt help u idiots!]] well too bad things arent always they way you want them to be...oh n today im moving into my new house in Palm Coast. i have the smallest room ever i swear its a closet haha!

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should i? [Friday
July 29th, 2005 at 8:14pm]
[ mood | confused ]

: i have a really tough descion...ok um Blaine goes to Mainland n lives in Tomoka Farms. I go to Seabreeze and i live in Palm Coast...some people are sayin we should break up but i dont want to. Ive only said "I Love You" to 2 guys. Blaine and Mike [[but i didnt really mean it to Mike since he talked so much shit bout me behind my back]] and Blaine is like the 1st guy ive been in Love with [[but i guess its just puppy love]] and well im the first girl hes ever said "I Love You" too so i kno he means it. Even his best friend RonJon said he meant it. but i dont know wut to do, will we ever see each other? i mean we went to dif schools when we 1st started goin out but we live closed together. but now he moved far away and so did i. so iono but i need help so reply n comment ppl ! PLZ <3
I Love Blaine...3/15- ?

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Long time no type... [Tuesday
July 26th, 2005 at 11:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow, well i havnt been updatein in a while anyways um i was in North Carolina for baton nationals. i did terrible in Pom Girl haha it wus my friest time so yeah i got 9th n in halftime i got 5th but my groups all got 1st and conga [[Sr.Dance]] got outstanding team and we got to perform in Open Ceremonies. Anyways im home now and i finally get to move into my new house in Palm Coast its on the craziest names for streets you go on Sesame, then Seaman n then Seamanship ? wth lol. anyways 2morrow im going over there to Paint with my family and Blaine is coming over to help por kid has to wake up at 8:30 ! well neither of us are morning ppl so maybe we'll get along lol well im out!
I Love Blaine

List of main friends i can trust!
3.Heather Reiman
12.Alex Crouch
13.Mike O.
14.Mike R.

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I want him...n i got him <3 [Monday
July 18th, 2005 at 5:33pm]
[ mood | loved ]


...who can wrestle with me
and let me win.

...who can, when wrestling,
after letting me win, suddenly
flip me over and sit on me.

...who i can talk to about anything

...who laughs at my jokes.

...who puts my cold hands
in his warm hoodie pockets.

...who lets me use his sweatshirt
for a pillow.

...who says i love you & means it.

...who will kiss me in the rain,
in the sunshine, and in the snow

...whos calls unexpectedly.

...who will have many inside jokes
with me and remember each one.

...a boy who notices haircuts.

...who realizes that i say things
but dont always mean them.

...who can tell me his problems
and let me help.

...who will listen to me talk

...who saves his genuine, big smiles for me.

...with deeps eyes,
that can see through faces into depths.

...who gives me his t-shirt to change into
and not expect to get it back.

...who will shake my dads hand
and look my mom in the eye.

...who knows my full name--
first, middle and last.

...who willl know when something is wrong
when im trying my best to put on an act

...who will kiss me and
tell me im beautiful.

...who will let me cry to him.

...who will hold me& kiss my cheek.

...who suprises me and compliments
and plays with my hair.

...who will brag about me
to all of his friends

...not afraid to give me a great big hug
right infront of his mom

...who smells like
he just stepped out of the shower.

...who wears cologne that i can subtly
smell when im leaning on his shoulder.

...who tells me i have a nice laugh
and a smile that lights up the room
and simply be mine to hold.

  Well ya know what everyone ?  I have a boy like that and his name is Blaine Langello <3

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new icon [Sunday
July 10th, 2005 at 5:56pm]
[ mood | loved ]

well my layout may be all screwed up an dive been too lazy to fix it, but i did make a new icon <3 I Love My Baby Blaine !

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read my sisters... [Saturday
July 9th, 2005 at 10:43am]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey i dont feel like typin this out so just read what my sister wrote...::

so my day has officially SUCKED!!! its really scary...and it sux so imma tell u why:

I wake up this mornin to a cop waking jeremy up askin him to come talk 2 her. He obviously couldnt refuse so he went. Once the cop say that i was awake she told me to go back to sleep which was pretty weird cuz how could u go to sleep with cops in ur house talkin to ur brother? so i layed down freaking out while i tried to hear what was going on outside, but i couldnt. so i waited for them to come back inside. when they did they asked jeremy to take a drug test; thats when i knew what was going on. My parents found a pipe w/ some pot still in it and knew he had been lieing. they wanted to drug test him without him freaking out like he has been doing a lot lately, so they called a program. they instructed my parents to get a police escort to the hospital, which is where jeremy is now. i called Kaity and Lauren crying hysterically, and it helped. (sry guys for wakin u up!!! :( ) after talkin to my aunt sum more, she told me that jeremy was going to the hospital for a test and then to S.A.F.E. which my mom called "counseling" but its really rehab...hes going to live there. i cant handle this. im crying again...UGH!!! i'm gonna miss him soooo much, i mean c'mon hes my brother! i have to end this, b4 i freak out....

yeah n i just found out hes commin home for bit...or forever? i dont know yet...

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trying to find a friend... [Thursday
June 30th, 2005 at 8:00pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Heyy everyone ive been thinking lately n ive realized that i dont have a BEST
FRIEND thats a guy...i have lots of girl best friends but no guys lol. well i just want a Best Friend that i can count on to always be there for me and to be able to call at like 2 in the morning with my problems or if im scared. this sounds really F'In lame i know..but i cant think of any other way...if ya wanna volunteer or help me find the perfect best friend..comment <3

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new pics <3 [Wednesday
June 29th, 2005 at 8:47pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I got bored...Collapse )

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couple more pictuers i 4got... [Monday
June 27th, 2005 at 9:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Sorry heres some pictures i 4got...Collapse )

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Me n Kilees Awesome weekened! [Monday
June 27th, 2005 at 7:30pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Ok this wus me n Kilee's PIMP ASS weekened! we babysat 2 times,hung out at the movies 2 times lol,walked to Sonic,went to Pirates Cove,Baskin Robbins n Ocean Walk yeah it wus craziness! I Love ya Kilee! LMFPO!! n e ways heres like a lot of pictures from our weekened!

-x- Me n Kilee Wiggen -x-Collapse )

Xx run xX

hmmm [Wednesday
June 22nd, 2005 at 7:46pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i dont see why everyone thinks high school is going to be soo much better and dif? yeah everyone thinks its gonan be no more drama, everyones gonna get along...umm just cuz u move up a grade and go to high school doesnt mean were all still not immature n stupid?!? well iono ppl r startin to think they're all big n bad cuz they're ogin to high school n thats its just gonna be a big party. well to everyone who thinks that ive heard from many that ull def. start thinkin otherwise...well im lookin forward to highschool...so yeah! look out beeotchs!

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AHH! [Monday
June 20th, 2005 at 9:28pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

well 2day i had baton practice from 8-3 and then majorette practice from 3-5 which wus all fun so its all good lol. then we went to Palm Coast to look at our new house since we didnt get the other one. Well its not 2-story but its nice n i like it! its not to small or too big its PERFECT! n its soo pretty inside! well anyways its in Seminole Woods or something? ok well anyways i start dance 2morrow at South Beach... wish me luck!
 well not much to say but here are a few thigns i wrote about muh boyfriend Blaine [[ I Love Him ! ]]  and just stuff for guys!

I just cant help myself from falling in Love with
Everytime im with you i feel so special
  You make me feel like i mean something to
the world...
   When i kiss you, I feel like im in Heaven
When im in your arms i feel like nothing can go
I Love it when you hug me from behind,
  and I Love it when you call me Beautiful.
Ifall in love all over again when you whisper
  '' I Love You '' to me...
          Blaine <3

Most guys call their girlfriends HOT
  My guy calls me BEAUTIFUL
Some guys only want a really hot girlfriend
  My guy loves me for the way i am
A lot of guys cant even make their girl smile
  Mine always keeps me laughin
Most guys are jerks to their girls
  When i have the best guy there is !

Guys only wish they understood girls...heres 10 things guys should know:
1.Girls love to be called Beautiful, not hot!
2.Girls love to be hugged from behind
4.Be a gentleman
5.Girls LOVE funny guys
6.You should be the one to kiss 1st
7.You should call us too [[dont be so lazy]]
8.Dont cheat [[ we'll always find out ]]
9.Try not to be embarassed to do things in front of your friends
10.If you say ''I Love You,'' mean it! dont say it so we feel good...

Xx run xX

sry [Friday
June 17th, 2005 at 5:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Sry that my LJ layout is all screwed up..i dont know wut happened?? anyways i havnt been updatein bcuz ive been on a cruise with Heather!It rocked ! well me,heather n her fmauily went to the Bahamas,Co-Co Cay [[ Private Island ]], and The Keys! we went fishing in the Keys on a boat for Heathers dads birthday as a surprise n i caught a lot of fishy!! n so did everyone else! Heather almost caught a baracooda...its wus freaky but ill update more later on that..so yeah [[ L-A-T-E ]]
I Love Blaine!

Xx run xX

.:: Happy 16th Birthday Tiffany Langello ::. [Saturday
June 11th, 2005 at 3:30pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

                  Happy 16th Birthday Tiffany!! I Love You Girl!! You're my les lover haha n i dont know wut id do without you! ur crazy n ur mine lol. Its ur sweet 16 girly! Congratulations! <3 when i get back im gonna get u the best thing ever [[i dont know exactly wut that is yet but it will be great]] ur muh Tiffy n I hope u have the Best 16th Birthday Ever!! I Love ya soo much!!

--> 4 [[ran from the streets]] Xx run xX

.:: Stole From Mere ::. [Saturday
June 11th, 2005 at 8:20am]
[ mood | sad ]

This wus Mere's!

~*~**~30 things girls want guys to kno~**~*~
1.If we take the time to write u notes write us back we like it
2.We want u to hug us even around ur friends
3.If u make us mad we WILL kick u there so dont push it
4.Dont take it for granted
5.If u like us, make ur move before sumone else does
6.Not to sound selfish but wed much rather U call US
7.We dont care how hot u think other girls r
8.Dont ask us to kiss our friends to turn u on unless u do the same
9.Dont make bets about us we will find out
10.We dont care how sexi ur ex was
11.Dont lie to us...ever
12.Even tho u almost never r..we'll pretend ur right sumtimes
13.Its not our job to make all the plans
14.We understand size doesnt matter
15.Were not as shallow as u think
16.PMS is always an excuse
17.On that note nething we say during that time is excused
18.Some celeb guys r hot so get over it
19.We like it when u say that ur sorry even if its not ur fault
20.The excuse "i cant dance" is unexceptable we appreciate the effort
21.Make fun of us..prepare to DIE
22.The "little things" r really the big things
23.No girl just wants to be ur "friend with benefits"
24.The guys who read this really should take our advice
25.Were sensitive
26.When we trip or fall..make us feel better even if u have to embarrass urself
27.We will love u even if u act stupid
28.Dont smoke and expect us to kiss u
29.Hold our hand
30.Just cauz it doesnt work out the first couple of times doesnt mean its over..everyone makes

--> 2 [[ran from the streets]] Xx run xX

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